Awareness. Education. Appreciation.

Our bodies are the only things we really own. Possessions and things come and go. You can give things away, and get more things when you want them. Your body is forever. You cannot exchange it for a new one. Your body is like a treasure chest. A special vault for everything that makes up who you are. Your body is home to your bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves, blood, organs. It also houses your memories, thoughts, feelings, fears, passions, pains, dreams. The physical body and the emotional body are not separate things, they are one. Together they make up YOU. If we are unaware of what is going on with our bodies, how can we truly know and love ourselves? How can we truly live our fullest lives?

By moving our body, we learn about our body. Through learning our body, we can understand our body. By understanding our body, we can love our body. By loving our body and everything it does for us, we reach our truest and highest potential. By reaching our truest and highest potential, we will spread that love into every person and every activity in our lives.

Your highest potential is not a destination. You will not wake up one day and be like “I’ve got it! I am here!” Our greatest self is constantly in motion. Our greatest self is a journey. Its a dance. Our bodies, both physical and emotional, require movement. Stillness is death. Literally. If you want to learn about your body you must move it. If you want to learn about your mind (which is also your body) you must move that too. When we move our bodies we feel things. We feel sweaty, we might feel tightness in our muscles or joints, we notice what feels nice and what feels not so nice. We feel when we are scared or anxious, or when we are happy and easeful. Awareness gives us power. Its one thing to feel something, its another thing to be aware of that feeling. Don’t be oblivious or blind in your body. After all, its the only thing we truly own.

Awareness leads to education. If you feel stressed about something theres a very good chance that stress is manifesting somewhere in your physical structure, which can cause physical pain. Perhaps stress or pressure at work is causing your shoulders to hunch forward resulting in upper back tension. Maybe anxiety is causing tightness and pain through the chest or thoracic spine area. Maybe self doubt or sadness is causing you to slouch therefore compressing your spine causing low back pain. Awareness is your own doctor. Notice what is going on inside of you, then learn about it. Explore your body. Move it in every way you can. Take classes or move around at home. You don’t even need any equipment! You are the equipment. If your shoulders are sore and tight, try moving them in different ways. Explore the range of motion of your shoulders. You will probably discover something new and helpful.

You have the power to heal yourself. Never expect a doctor or practitioner to “fix” you. YOU have to fix you. Health professionals can give you information and can help your journey, but at the end of the day you are in control of your own body.

Once you begin to understand your body, discovering what makes it feel great and what makes it feel yucky, you can begin to appreciate its power. Your body will tell you things about yourself. If you listen, then learn, you will without a doubt create positive change. Perhaps that shoulder tension is starting to disappear because you have learned about the anatomy of your shoulders and how to let them sit properly in alignment with your skeleton. The release of tension is now causing you less stress and more happiness. You literally feel lighter. You also look better because the hunch on your upper back is lessening. You look longer and leaner, and all you did was educate yourself on how to position your shoulders. No pill can do that for you. Whats not to love about that?

When you love your body, you love yourself. When you love yourself you want to continue to do nice things for yourself. You will want to be active because it feels so good, you will want to nourish your amazing body with healthy food, you will want to spend your time with quality people and you will want to spend your days doing things you love.

Our bodies are our greatest teachers. Vow to live your life as a constant pupil of your body. Listen to that teacher. If you ignore your teacher you are missing out on living. If you want to live a full, rich life, I encourage you to listen to, learn about and appreciate your body. Your body wants you to win. It’s always trying to heal itself. You must allow it to do its job. Be kind to your body. Be patient. Most of all, be grateful.

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